No matter what your brand needs, we love to deliver multi-fold digital benefits with our campaigns. Here’s how we ensured great leads, good deals and increased brand awareness for Wood Works Club all with our expertise in digital marketing for interior designing & architecture!

About The Brand

Wood Works Club is one of Pune’s most affluent interior decor brands, dedicated to deliver dreamy, customized and extraordinary interior decor solutions for big and small spaces. The marketing objective of the brand focuses on establishing a renewed perspective about interior & decor in people’s mind. The business therefore primarily operates by inspiring customers to envision the kind of revamp they are looking for to adorn their spaces with.


DABConnect searched through the millions of possibilities to find the best lead generation strategy which will cater to all the client’s requirements. Wood Works Club was exclusively looking for enquiries with a higher relevance and conversion ratio at a low cost per lead.

We cracked the code by deciding to offer PPC services for interior designing through channels like Facebook & Instagram and their ad-markets, especially the latter, to float the campaign. And the results blew our minds away!

Project Goals

Wood Works Club tried their hand at availing benefits from lead generation campaign in the past, however they were disappointed with the quality of the leads they begot and also with the CPL we therefore aimed at delivering plenty, quality and relevant leads at a diminished CPL


DABConnect huddled up with all the strategy experts to examine the competition and communication strategy of the leading adverts running on the platforms. Next, we pin-pointed the subtleties about the adverts, the factors behind their success within the industry and the location as our client.

What came next was absolutely game-changing – a research-based ad campaign which incurred multiple and marvelous digital marketing benefits for Wood Works Club!


With the increasingly bombarded adverts on social media, losing out on the potential-buyer’s attention is inevitable. It was a challenge to regulate both the page interface & design as well as the spends in order to suit the client’s expectations from leads generated. Our PPC marketing analysis marked a necessity to make the ad campaign stand out amidst all the clutter on the social media spaces.


All’s well that ends best…

The campaign produced amazing results by generation 70% relevancy in the incoming enquiries. Moreover, the team at DABConnect worked out magical calculations for the ad campaign which cut down one-third of the CPL rate expected by the client. But that’s not it… the Lead Generation campaign for our interior designing client further ushered in complementary benefits such as higher brand recall, increase in Instagram followers & engagement and so on!



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