Gripping Social Media Tactics and Trends That Are Dominating in 2020

5 Gripping Social Media Tactics That Are Dominating in 2020

In order to make an online marketing strategy a huge success, brands need to make sure that they are always stocked up with huge supplies of relevant and valuable content pieces. Internet marketing is much more than just optimizing search engines for the right keywords, a successful strategy is backed up by content and fueled by social media strategy and trends.

Jay Baer has therefore rightly said, “Content is fire, social media is gasoline.” Content makes sure your readers are always gripped with interesting messages whereas social media ensures that your message is reached to your audience at the right time.

The ever-growing fame of social media marketing has made it an integral part of the integrated marketing communication plan of brands. Brand Managers today are hawk eyeing the best social media marketing agency that can help them utilize the influential power of the digital medium and triple fold their ROI’s.

Today’s consumer is engaged by brands with social media trends and tactics that are humanized. Offering great deals and being interactive on social media channels are a few hard-hitting social media strategies of big brands in today’s world.

The ever-increasing noise in the digital world has saturated audiences with marketing messages, thereby leading to the need for the development of cutting edge strategies and tactics that can give brands an edge over their competition. Here are 5 ways as to how brands can overpower their competition and make their messages heard.


Gone are the days when brands could shout loud amidst audiences that they are the best. Millennials today believe and trust reviews and recommendations posted by their counterparts. Brands need to be more authoritative in approach, they need to show what other consumers think about their products and services and make the customer testimonials a selling proposition and USP.


Micro-influencers have seemed to be promising in the tact of Influencer marketing. Brands today instead of hooking up with big influencers who are heavy on pockets prefer engaging with influencers who have limited but growing number of followers and those who have a good share of voice in their niche. This drip marketing approach helps to build a growing yet consistent reach as well as creates brand recall by setting up the frequency of messages with many small but potential influencers.


When you check your Instagram feed, what do we see the most? It is content that has been backed up with humour and fun. Brands are seen participating by creating content that is in line with trending humour related memes and posts. Millennials are a generation that has shown an affinity towards humour, these set of audiences cannot be engaged with boring serious messages. They want brands to come out of their comfort zone and engage them with content that entertains as well as educates them. Adding humour to your social media content can skyrocket your organic reach as well as makes it more shareable.


Customers are no longer found in the old mom and pop stores. The traditional brick and motor shops have been replaced with UI & UX rich e-commerce websites backed with chatbots that are ready to assist and give prompt service to the website visitor. Moreover, the personalization that these chatbots offer makes customers feel more connected and respected. Social media platforms are a place where more than 3.2 billion people are active according to Emarsys. That’s roughly 42% of the global population. In order to make these audiences feel connected brands need to be active on all the social channels and use it as a platform to educate, engage & entertain the customers. Overall quick responses by chatbots have given social media a direction towards good customer service and experience platform.


AI has been instrumental in changing the landscape of social media marketing. The algorithms have been improvised to a level wherein they can gauge the behaviour and further facilitate by providing valuable suggestions and options. This has opened up a brand new avenue for brands to bank on. Marketers today need not guess as to what will be preferred and liked by their audience, with the help of AI that is backed by behavioural science they can easily predict and alter their strategies. Chatbots an extremely vital product of AI have been exceptional in creative positive sentiments and brand experiences. To conclude AI has just begun, a lot more to come in the future.

Therefore if brands need to survive in this competitive and dynamic world they need to keep themselves updated with the latest advancements in the digital domain and step ahead with propositions and messages that are unique and appealing.


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