DABSpotlight – Reach Consumers Across Paid Advertising Platforms With Our Expertise In PPC Services

PPC Advertising at Dab of India offers one of the most valuable tool in digital advertising. If you are looking for effective and performance-based results for your business, PPC marketing is a tool you must not miss out on!

At Dab of India we offer DABSpotlight – a service which executes PPC marketing strategy with tremendous insight, creativity, technology, and analytics; guaranteeing a bountiful reach and conversion ratio. We prioritize clients ‘expectations and assure a fixed ROI in our PPC services.

“We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in”
- David Beebe

What does a PPC Advertising Company do for your business?

DABSpotlight empowers your brand’s digital existence by hosting SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Campaigns. We also increase brand awareness and visibility by hosting ads on social media; offering Facebook Ads Management & Instagram Advertising.

We further execute re-marketing by targeting online visitors who have shown interest in your products/services in the past, bringing you the best-of-the-best benefits of PPC Advertising.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Approximate Expenses When Hiring PPC Company?

DABConnect offers an end-to-end execution of the PPC services or lead generation campaigns. The expenses for PPC advertising depend on search engine ad spots, location, competition, the cost per click, number of products/services and so on.

What is PPC Advertising?

PPC means Pay Per Click where advertisers publish their products & services on Google (a search engine platform) and pay the publishers according to the number of times their advert is clicked by their users. That is why, PPC Company is also referred to as Search Engine Marketing Company.

How to Track the ROI forthe PPC Campaigns?

Tracking ROI on PPC Advertising depends on the end-goals of the client with respect to the campaign. For example, the clients may have different kinds of expectations when it comes to benefits like brand-awareness & reach, lead generation, trial campaigns, etc. There are different kinds of tracking systems for Ads on Google & Facebook to track ROI according to these standards.

Why Should We Choose DAB Media & Design as our PPC Company?

Dab of India is one of the best digital marketing agency in Pune offering both performance-based & branding-based digital solutions for your business. DABSpotlight, our PPC services department consists of experts in PPC ads, Google Adwords & Facebook Ads as well as re-marketing. Our PPC Advertising solution offer both B2B & B2C market-reach promising immediate results & value-for-money.

How long does it take To Launch a SEM Campaign?

It only takes a few hours to start PPC Advertising, that is, to launch an SEM campaign. Although, analyzing the campaign statistics, coming up with a relevant strategy, and other factors may prolong the process by a day.

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