Executing digital marketing for automotive industry with Polytron was quite a learning experience. The idea was to make a go-to website for both the end-customers as well as distributors of Polytron Products to maximize the reach and promote distributorship as a supply-chain strategy. Team DABDigital curated a solution which served these purposes in a two-fold manner, systematizing all requirements into one power-packed key to unlock the digital potential that enhances the distribution and advertising quotient of Polytron in India.

About the Brand

Polytron Lubrication products are developed and manufactured in the USA. It is one of world’s leading lubrication technology. These products are imported in India by Polytron India making available the pioneering class of lubricants to the local distributors. The marketing objective of the brand was to avail UI UX services so as to maximize the online reach of the benefits of Polytron products so that masses recognize that they are worth their price and invest in a long-term savings alternative to machine maintenance hassles.


Most challenging aspect about marketing expensive products or services is reaching out to audiences and assuring them that a pricey investment today will incur a loss-free tomorrow. Polytron products deliver promising results however known to only a smaller portion of the audience. Our UI UX experts conceived the website with the vision of creating a product-centric & pricing-centric interface that allows distributors to invest little instead of a hefty amount for their inventory by becoming online buyers on the website.

Project Goals

Web designing & e-commerce development that allows unique & impactful interface for information about the technology behind Polytron – an automotive lubricants company. Further, to build a solution for the issue of the high-investment Pre-requisite for an inventory to execute distributorship and to accelerate the supply-chain processes of Polytron products at local garages.

Client Brief

The brief of the website involved four pointers

– A customized web experience based on product S.K.U.’s and pricing
– A unique code for each product-advisor/dealer/distributor to avail discount on the online order
– A channel for lead-generation and brand-awareness
– A digital way of incurring benefits to all the stakeholders
– consumers, dealers, distributors, product-advisors and manufacturers of Polytron in India


Our thought-process aligning with the client brief led to a eureka moment – creating an all-encompassing website for Polytron. A website coded with a thoroughly customized script consisting of unique permutations and combinations with respect to product types. Moreover, each distributor/dealer was given a unique code that enables discount on products. These distributors circulate the code among the enquirers at their stores not only promoting.

The website is also aided with marketing strategies right from product description, exclusive aspects of technology and guidelines of usage.

A web designing for a lubricants company like Polytron demanded an e-commerce website which is not entirely e-commerce but one that maintains a corporate user-experience.


Polytron India being a renowned direct selling company and product inventory being an expensive affair, it was necessary to integrate marketing strategies that unify product information along with supply chain alternatives. The first challenge was to execute an effective e-commerce development strategy for expensive products. Next challenge was that, now that the website is up and running is to advertise it well on social channels and increase the traffic directed to the website.


All-in-all, the Polytron India website offers two-fold benefits to the client in capturing the online spaces and digital market in India. Firstly, we as an e-commerce development company for Polytron lubricants, developed a website that provides all details about the products as well as dealerships under one domain along with code-centric customized offers for online buyers. Next, the website serves the purpose of tapping into the distributorship in which each distributor by investing in Polytron products can earn handsome returns.



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