Pluto Travels is one of the first pan-India luxury car-rental brand based out of Pune. Their premium car-rental and chauffeur driven services offer luxury rides with best of the best comfort, safety & reliability. Pluto Travels looked for a branding & design solution which enhances its social media presence to match the company’s reputation & premium services and reach a relevant, interested target audience. Social media marketing for travel industry’s most elite brand from Pune was a thoroughly exciting & educative experience for us!

The team at DAB of India huddled up around the pre-set brand-colours to drive Pluto Travels on a journey towards Design Communication. We developed templates and designs that conveyed a definitive brand message to the luxury-loving travel enthusiasts.

The design communication effort resulted into formation of a close-knitted community with the help Instagram marketing & LinkedIn marketing over a period of two months. During this time the Content Team at DAB focused on hosting an online dialogue with the niche community, unravelling the features of dream rides offered by Pluto for private, corporate & leisure journeys.



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