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The rise of influencer marketing is remarkably increased in the last few years. One of the most accessible marketing channels today is Social media influencing. Social media businesses are prospering with the influencer’s trend. Influencer marketing connects the brand with real people to spread brand awareness. It helps companies with brand building and promotion of a variety of products and services of the company. It is a strategic business plan to connect the brand with authentic and influential online leaders. Brands are advertised by such influencers to create a certain mindset and opinion about the products to generate an increase in the sales and margins.

Influencer Marketing
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As rightly stated by Brian Chesky, Cofounder of Airbnb,  

“Build something 100 people love, not something 1 million people kind of like.”

Micro-influencers are people who promote brands on social networking sites. This facet of marketing isn’t just limited to the million-dollar brand who can afford a team up with a celebrity. They have around 10k to 100k followers on various social platforms. Instagram, being the leader for social media influencing, acts as a platform for these influencers to post pictures and videos of their experience’s using a particular product. Micro-influencers are specialised in advertising specific products and are highly involved with promoting the brand. Influencers were usually considered a risky investment but due to the introduction of social marketing, the demand has gone up. The quality of promotion provided by these influencers is also been considered as of high-value by the concerned companies.

Newcomers in the field of influencers are categorised as Nano influencer. They have an audience of fewer than 10k followers providing with limited and definite content. These influencers pick a specific brand and promote it locally. Their influence might reach to less no. of people but their approach through media is assessed and looked over by everyone in the local community. They also provide for the best credibility, engagement, working at lower costs, conversion of opinions by influence, etc. as amongst many other benefits.


Nowadays companies promoting their franchise choose influencers for further advertising to their audience and followers. This has newly involved video marketing as the new medium to endorse the products through their social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube which certainly has an enormous amount of global reach making them significant channels for businesses. Media influencer’s statistics reveal that about 70% of the influencer’s port daily on social media platforms. Some of them even post two or three times a day for promoting the product.

Recent influencer marketing 2020 trends and amp stats clearly show that the usage of mobile phones over desktops for the use of the internet. This succumbs as one of the key reasons why video marketing is gaining popularity. The trending companies like TikTok and YouTube provide for a platform for the influencers to generate various promotion videos in the certainty of gaining high no. of views. Companies who use media influencers earn an increased amount out of the promotions. The statistics reveal that businesses earn about Rs.400 ($5) for every Rs.75 ($1) of investments on the posts and videos by the influencers.

The Mobile application plays an important role as it provides for easier loading of these videos, greater performance and flexibility for making such videos, accessibility and various other factors contributing to the amp stats.

2020 trends also show the increasing importance of online businesses. Majority of companies are involved in employing such influencers to gain popularity as the new and successful business in the market. Making videos and posts for promotion create increased sales which indeed help the new and already existing companies a lot. This popularity in the field of influencers has compelled various marketers to i.e. 63% to hire influencers for their product promotion in future. Becoming a social media influencer requires a great deal of commitment and engagement for the brands that one is promoting. Hence Nano and micro-influencers fulfil the ever-growing demand of advertising for lower rates to reach and promote to all of their followers and audiences making the world of influencers a thriving multi-billion-dollar industry.

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