We’re happy to present a statistical testimony to the wonder-works of DABDigital which helped our healthcare client execute an otherwise herculean task of LinkedIn community building. Eureka moments like these and their phenomenal benefits to our clients are exactly what motivates us to work harder on every project that we take on!

About The Client

Learnovate is one pioneers in setting up a centre focused on research and innovation technologies at locations from all over the world with their main base in UAE. The organization creates skill-development courses and workshops in the Healthcare & Physiotherapy field. Learnovate provides opportunities to learn effective, innovative and advanced treatments in field mentioned above.


Our job as Learnovate’s digital assistants was to develop a LinkedIn healthcare community – a cost-effective, long-term solution which helped create communities including people with similar qualifications and skills. This in-turn, would facilitate targeting like-minded audience, optimizing the out-going advert and message according to the market and generating a relevant data-base. Our ultimate antidote to it all? Building, nurturing and growing communities on LinkedIn

Project Goals

Integrated Digital Solutions experts at DABDigital worked with four-fold goals while strategizing for the community healthcare network on LinkedIn:

– To unlock long-term community database
– To nurture the communities with engaging and quality content
– To achieve a good conversion
– To manage and maintain marketing goals on social media pages


At DAB, we understood that Learnovate sought a digital marketing strategy that drives people towards and into Healthcare & Physiotherapy community. Simultaneously, the client also looked for an online marketing solution that stands the test of time, benefiting their business in the long-term.

DABDigital worked out LinkedIn community health systems for building communities relevant to Learnovate and its objectives. Consequently, once like-minded members join the community we formulated various ways to communicate quality, informative and relevant content in out digital dialogue on behalf of Learnovate. The two-fold benefits of such content sharing within the already built communities are:

– Relevant content gives way for interactions and engagement in the Learnovate’s online community
– Similarly it leads to conversions beneficial to Learnovate from within the online community
– We further supported the community mission for Learnovate with WhatsApp marketing and social media page management as well as engagement.


This multi-faceted effort resulted in adding value to the overall digital approach of Learnovate in targeting the right people and establishing connections that go a long way. This Linkedin healthcare activity yielded a total growth of 1720 connections in the database across all of Learnovate’s social media accounts within a short duration of 65 working days. Consequently, the total connection requests sent by our team amounted to 8307 and the total messages sent on LinkedIn summed up to 1951 messages.

Food For Digital Excellence

Perseverance and engagement are the golden rules to build lasting, relevant and loyal communities on social media.



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