The idea was to amalgamate the adventurous, fun and hip nature of an upcoming hospitality brand in Bangkok into a sublime, all-purpose logo. In-a-nutshell, our aim was to develop consistent trend for the brand in the realm of social media marketing for hospitality.

Khaosan Social is a backpacker hostel, all-day bar & kitchen as well as an adventure tour & travel company clubbed in one for a 360 degree experience of the popular Khaosan neighborhood to travelers.

As Khaosan’s hospitality social media agency, DAB Media & Design decided to tweak the dynamics of a stamp-like design while also highlighting what makes Khaosan Social absolutely unlike the competitors on the travel & hospitality industry. The logo flaunts a contrast of red, blue & green stuffed into a stamp-like design representing a coming together of backpackers from multiple cultures at Khaosan Social. The fonts used make a raw, grunge impact while being identical to the rubber-stamp impressions.



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