DABConnect – Offering the best Influencer Marketing strategy combined with our super analytics skills

Influencer Marketing Agency offer a form of social media marketing which involve promotions of products and services through influencers and organizations. A classic amalgamation of the old & new marketing strategies makes up the crux of influencer marketing strategy. Dab of India offers DABConnect – an influencer marketing agency which executes collaborations between brands and influencers. DABTech strives to pin-point the right influential forces for your business bringing you the most accurate conversions and results.

“Influencer Marketing cuts through the banner ad blindness by placing your brand where audiences price it - in natural, native content”
- Debraj Chatterjee

What does an Influencer marketing agency do for your business?

DABConnect helps your audience to hear your brand perform by leveraging the most influential people in the digital world. We execute influencers marketing as a long-term strategy, starting from first visualizing the ideal influencer for your business.

Our services make your brand a part of valuable relationships that help reach fresh consumer-base by executing a creative influencers marketing strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Approximate Expenses When Hiring Influencer Marketing Companies?

DABConnect offers an end-to-end execution of the influencer marketing strategy for your brand. The expenses depend on factors such are the per-post rate of the short listed influencers for the project, media spends and so on. The approximate costs therefore depend on these aspects along with the duration of execution.

How Do You Identify The Right Influencers For My Business?

Influencer marketing platforms give your business an access to various influential people, both industry-neutral as well as influencers who have specialized in specific industries. Our influencer catalogue at DABConnect includes thousands of influencers around the country. Our influencer marketing strategy experts match your brand/business with the right influencers, who connect with their followers to present your brand in the best way to their people.

What Does It Mean To Be An Influencer?

An influencer is a person who has the ability to affect purchase decisions of others through influencer marketing platforms or social media presences. Influencer’s tie-up with various influencer marketing agencies looking for brandsto collaborate with. They are responsible for generating activity, buzz and interest of masses and engage with them while endorsing you brand or business.

Why Should We Choose DAB Media & Design as our Influencer Marketing Strategy Advisor?

Dab of India is one of the best digital marketing agency in Pune offering all kinds of digital marketing services. Our Influencer Marketing services offer YouTube influencer marketing, social media influencer marketing (through channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) which connect your brand-image with relevant influencers.

What is an Influencer Marketing Company?

An Influencer marketing agency executes marketing strategies for your products and services by collaborating with influencers/influential organizations.



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