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About us


We are a group of high-functioning digital wizards focused on curating customized brand identities. Our job as a best digital marketing agency in Pune is to make the creative meet the commercial.

At Dab of India transform brands to make them digitally fabulous. Dab of India, is one of the most trusted digital marketing company in Pune & all-over India, empowering business with digital aids.

Our clients enjoy our services as we open up new and impossible door for improving their networks in a hyper-digital world. DAB is a digital marketing agency in Pune which follows

“The-Growth-Triangle” business-model; ensuring growth of all stakeholders – our employees, clients and the company itself.

Gift your brand a digital makeover by DAB of India

Congratulations on finding the perfect digital marketing company – the digital partner you’ve been looking for! Now that you’re here, take a look at what we can do to improve your business.

Our Master Plan For Your Brand -Digital Marketing solutions that integrate creative design & communication. We are on a mission to help brands take the right steps to create a digital experiences that reach out in the most influential way. We are driven by the passion to make exclusive digital statements that help your brand flourish in the techno-savvy, globalized market through our expertise in digital marketing services.

Pay Per Click Advertising
We help you convert those impressions into sales generating clicks.
Social Media Marketing
We enhance and optimize your social presence with customized strategies
Video Production
We craft in house videos for our clients that meet with the trajectory of their business goals and brand personalities
Mobile Advertising
We help you target potential audience in high relevance geographies through mobile
Design & Branding
We help you elevate your brand identity with eye-catchy creative and compelling brand messages.
Search Engine Optimization
We help you rank higher on Google search results.
Content & Copy Writing
We enhance your brand identity by writing dialogues and content that’s relevant to your audience
Community Building
We help you build your own virtual community community and help you maximise reach.

Meet The DABbers


Whether it is online or offline, professional or personal, making a fabulous impression are imperative. I handle business development and integrator of marketing solutions for clients across all verticals.


Poonam Salian, Co-founder & CEO

Co-founder & CEO of Digital Marketing Company in Pune
Co-founder & COO of Digital Marketing Company in Pune

Collaboration & communication is the glue that holds the company together. I’m in the process of building the most operationally sound digital marketing agency backed up by a team of positive-minded, highly motivated individuals who are always bursting forth with ideas.


Hamza Chhatrisa, Co-founder & COO

CLIENTS : We’re proud to work with major leaders of industry


What sets us apart from ordinary digital marketing agencies is how we approach each client. Every DABber recognizes the requirements of every client from a community-centred perspective, bringing in crowd-psychologies to help businesses connect with their target audiences.

Furthermore, we are quintessentially passionate to deliver customized solutions to the client’s complete satisfaction with the minutest details in every project that we pick up. Dab of India is ‘The Digital Marketing Company’ for your business if you are seeking digital marketing services that combine both performance-based marketing as well as creative marketing solutions.

We are popular for our uncompromising team which not only builds your brand up in a world where advertisements get lost in the clutter but all nurture your communities handles ad campaigns with our heart & soul.

We are proud to present to you, the USPs which gives us to privilege to be the best digital marketing agency in Pune.

Quick delivery & a highly responsive team

Unlimited Customization & Brand Sensitivity

Driven to curate Original, Creative content



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